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The new recycling law applies to all workplaces in Wales.

All workplaces, such as businesses, public sector and charities, must separate their recyclable materials in the same way most households already do.

The law also applies to all waste and recycling collectors and processors that manage household-like waste from workplaces.

Content overview

What is the new law?

Workplaces will need to separate the materials listed below for recycling. Workplaces will also need to arrange for the waste to be collected separately from other waste.

How the law will be enforced

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) is responsible for making sure that materials are being separated and collected correctly, and that the ban on recycling going to incineration and landfill is being followed.

Local Authorities are responsible for making sure the ban on food waste going to sewer is followed.

How to get ready

It is important to read Separate Collection of Waste Materials for Recycling: A Code of Practice for Wales, which has more detail about how to comply with the law to separate waste and keep it separate for recycling.

Further support and guidance

WRAP Cymru has produced a number of resources to support workplaces.

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