Guidance for
All Workplaces

How the law will be enforced

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) is responsible for making sure that materials are being separated and collected correctly, and that the ban on recycling going to incineration and landfill is being followed.

Local Authorities are responsible for making sure the ban on food waste going to sewer is followed.

If you do not comply with the law, it could mean a fine for your workplace.

Who is responsible for following the new law?

All workplaces in Wales will be required to follow the new law. The business, public body or third sector organisation may own the premises, they may lease or rent it, or temporarily occupy it.

It is the occupiers of a workplace who must ensure recycling is separated for collection. If multiple workplaces are in a shared location, each individual business or organisation is responsible but may need to agree with the landlord or facilities manager if a central recycling system is needed.