Guidance for
Outdoor events

How to arrange a new recycling service

Before speaking to a recycling collector to procure or arrange a recycling service, think about:

  • How much waste you will likely produce during the event, including how many containers and locations you will be collecting waste and recyclables from. It’s important to consider whether waste produced on site will be collected and decanted into larger commercial sized containers or whether the collector will need to supply and empty containers from across the venue;

  • Whether you need collections at certain times in the event schedule, for example, at the end of each day or when the event has finished to accommodate changes in waste volumes and ensure site safety. Refer to your risk assessment and the identified mitigations to reduce hazards relating to the waste collections your contractor will need to make;

  • Speak to your existing waste collector about your new recycling needs. They will need to be aware of the new law and ensure the services they offer will be compliant and

  • You could also get quotes from a range of collectors to get the best price and the most suitable service for you.

If you are hiring containers, ensure that your appointed collector is notified of when and where to deliver your waste and recycling containers as well as when to remove them from site. If you anticipate waste volumes to be high, you might need to arrange collections throughout the event or festival.