Guidance for
Outdoor events

Preventing waste in the first place

Ways you can reduce the amount of waste generated at your event include:

  • Providing e-tickets, electronic guides and maps for visitors;

  • Stipulate the use of recyclable or recycled products in the conditions of trade for promotional materials or for food service products;

  • Encouraging caterers or vendors to provide refillable cups or glasses, set up a deposit and return scheme for reusable drinks containers, or encourage attendees to bring their own cups offering a discount for drinks;

  • Providing refill stations for drinking water;

  • Restricting what products visitors, suppliers, vendors or caterers can bring to the venue. Discourage single use items such as sauce, milk, sugar or coffee sachets and

  • Encourage caterers to donate surplus or unsold stock – donate surplus food to charity or have an employee fridge for products that they can eat or take home free of charge during and at the end of the event. Guidance is available on How food businesses must dispose of food and former foodstuffs.