Guidance for
Outdoor events

Space for your bins?

Ensure that containers and waste storage areas:

  • are safe and accessible for people, including users with disabilities, and your waste collector,

  • are not in locations that cause an obstruction or a fire hazard, or block escape routes,

  • provide sufficient capacity to cope with the types and amounts of waste and recyclables produced between collections,

  • are checked regularly throughout the event to avoid overfilling and contamination;

  • are not located near food preparation or storage areas for food safety and hygiene reasons,

  • are located close to where the waste and recycling is generated,

  • are tidy, clean, and free from clutter or loose waste,

  • are secure with close fitting lids, and do not allow waste or recycling to escape or rain to get in,

  • are robust and strong enough to withstand the weather and being continually used and emptied over the course of your event and

  • are far enough away from tents or caravans so as not to cause a health or fire hazard.

It is important to:

  • label your recycling bins to avoid contamination. You can use labels from the Resource webpage, and

  • prevent water from becoming contaminated by stored waste.

Following this advice and guide will also help avoid any pest control problems.

Waste storage areas need to be accessible by collection vehicles and ideally located on solid ground to ensure vehicles and employees can access and move the bins easily and safely, even if ground conditions are wet. Wherever possible, waste collection vehicles should not operate in areas accessible to the public. However, if a waste collection vehicle must cross areas accessible to the public, ensure your collector is notified that travel speeds should be minimal i.e. 5mph and that they have employees walking at the front and rear of any moving vehicle to reduce collision and accident risk.

Contamination caused by incorrect items being placed into bins, may prevent your recyclables from being collected for recycling and may lead to penalty costs. Ensure recycling bins are correctly labelled to prevent mistakes from happening.