Guidance for
Small and Medium sized businesses and Enterprises (SME)

Food waste and hygiene

 The Food Standards Agency also provides guidance which means you need to: 

  • store food waste in sealable containers which are; 

  • solid, and strong enough to hold food waste; 

  • in sound condition – i.e., without breakages or splits that could enable pests to access waste or cause leaks and 

  • easy to clean and disinfect; 

  • remove food waste and other rubbish from areas as soon as possible and 

  • have enough waste storage facilities to store and dispose of food waste and other rubbish to keep them clean. 

If your food waste collector allows you to use compostable liners, ensure that your liners are BS EN 13432 compliant. This means that all the food waste is sent for commercial processing to meet the right standards.