Guidance for
Small and Medium sized businesses and Enterprises (SME)

Space for your bins?

Ensure that containers and waste storage areas: 

  • are safe and accessible for people, including users with disabilities, and your waste collector; 

  • are not in locations that cause an obstruction, a fire hazard or block escape routes; 

  • provide sufficient capacity to cope with the types and amounts of waste and recyclables you produce and store between collections; 

  • are not located near food preparation or storage areas for food safety and hygiene reasons 

  • are close to where the waste and recycling is generated; 

  • are tidy, clean, and free from clutter or loose waste and  

  • are secure and do not allow waste or recycling to escape. 

It is important to: 

  • label your recycling bins to avoid contamination. You can use labels from the Business of Recycling Wales website and 

  • prevent water from becoming contaminated by stored waste.   

 Following this advice and guide will also help avoid any pest control problems.   

For smaller premises with limited space for bins, one option is to have stackable bins which take up minimal or no extra space, see image 1 below. 

Stacker bins

In larger premises you may want to hire or purchase a baler to wrap up materials such as cardboard packaging. You will need to check that your collector is happy with this and whether they have any limits on the weight of the bales you might produce. Your contractor may provide a baler and training.  If you use a baler, you may need to register a “waste exemption” with Natural Resources Wales (NRW)