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There is a ban on Single Use Plastics including plastic cutlery, drink stirrers, polystyrene products and drinking straws.

If you sell electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) the waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) regulations require you to provide a way for your customers to dispose of their old household electrical and electronic equipment when you sell them a new version of the same item, these regulations apply regardless of how you sell the products i.e., by internet or through a store.

The Battery Regulations also require you to offer a free collection or ‘takeback’ service of waste or used batteries if you sell or supply the equivalent of selling one pack of 4 AA batteries per day over a year. If you sell more than this then you must have a collection point at your premises. These rules apply whether you run a shop, a chain of shops or sell batteries online, by mail order or telephone.

Reduce, reuse and recycle | Green Street | Planet Friendly Retail – Green Street have produced a Planet Friendly guide to encourage a greener and more sustainable high street.

For guidance for clothing retailers on how to set up a take back scheme for unwanted clothing please go to the WRAP website and the Retailer clothing take back guide as part of the Textiles 2030 work.

Further guidance is available for: SME’s, Hospitality and Food Services, Entertainment and Leisure Facilities, Educational Establishments and Outdoor Events